Hey Guys!

Over the last couple of week I’ve had all my family home from the UK which meant we had some family day trips planned! First we went to the Hill of Tara and then went to Glendalough which was lovely, here are some pics from our daily adventures….

The hill of Tara was so windy, so that’s the reason we all look extremely wind-swept!!

Lots of love,


Easter Fun!


Hope you all had a very good Easter and aren’t suffering too much with the Chocolate over load. I have been a bit M.IA as this year my Niece Ava and Sister-in-Law Lou came home to Ireland to spend a few days with us, they arrived on Saturday night so my niece Ava was expecting a killer Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, so much so, as soon as she got out of bed Sunday morning she wanted to go outside and do it, You try telling a 5 year old to wait for Chocolate heaven :/ It’s tough!

So on Sunday we had the said easter egg hunt and I think someone was VERY happy with the results!


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10 Things to do this weekend.

Hey Guys!

Stuck for something to do this weekend? Well fear not here are some tips on what to do..

1 – Go for a walk.


2 – Drive somewhere.


3 – Get creative and make something.


4 – Start a new book.


5- Spring clean your house/room.


6 – Look through old photos.


7 – Watch a movie you haven’t seen in a while.


8 – Make a Pinterest board.


9 – Write a story.


10 – Bake Something tasty.


Lots of Love,



Hey Guys!

So today I wanted to share with you my new hobby, I have never been into arts and crafts, I can’t draw and I can’t paint, I was never born with that gift, In school I did Home Ec which involved sewing and stuff but I was never interested in school so I wasn’t really into it, I made a cushion at one stage but when I think back I don’t think I even made it myself, Same when I was doing my Junior Exams I had to do a wood work project and I ended up getting the lads in my class to do it for me! I hated School and didn’t want to be involved in anything in the class, school bored me! ANYWAYS….

My new hobby funny enough involves getting crafty, I have decided to attempt to make some funky Cushions!!! YES YOU HEARD ME! I have a little obsession with Pinterest lately and I have decided instead of just liking the DIY stuff why not try it!!!

So I am going to attempt over the next few weeks to make a….

Penguin Pillow



Fox Pillow


Pretzel Pillow


I will try and keep you up to date on my attempts and will post my pieces of work

Wish me luck!




Who cares? It’s just hair….

Hey Guys,

This week involved me doing something that I swore I would never do again, Last year I went and dyed my hair bleach blonde, it may not be a big deal to some but it was to me, I have always experimented with my hair and I have had it loads of different colours but Blonde was a big one, It took me months to get it right but when I eventually got there I LOVED it, I had dark brown hair for so long that going blonde was a dramatic change for me. I had attempted to do it loads of times before but ended up chickening out or going around with an orange head or just doing ombre styles.

So after I went back dark before christmas I told myself that I was never going to bleach my hair again that it was too much hassle and bleaching it damaged it but that was until this week, Giving all my money to Bleach London again I decided I was going to dye my hair PURPLE!!!!! Yes Purple!!!!! I have had my whole head done Purple before when I was 18/19 so it’s no big deal and loved it so much but this time its REALLY purple like BRIGHT PURPLE, it’s only the ends of my hair but hey its still really fun!

*flips hair*


Everyone hated me as a blonde said it didn’t suit me but I loved it and I will admit after weeks of hearing “I prefer you with dark hair” I gave in and dyed it, much to my own disappointment and ever since I have wanted my blonde locks back! So here I am, a bleach London “Total Bleach” box sitting next to me and I am so tempted to go back blonde, but this time I might just go really blonde on the ends and keep the ombre look with some dark roots and screw what everyone else says!


Do what you wanna do its your hair after all! Have fun and try something different this coming summer!!

Lots of Love,


Easter Adventures….

Hey everyone, 


Sorry its been awhile but I have been away over Easter went to London/Essex to visit my family and some friends! It was so nice to have some time away, I forgot how much I really miss living over there it’s defo a home to me now for sure! So the main reason I went over was not just to visit family it was actually because we went to see McBusted on Saturday (the 4th of April) in The O2, London! It was amazing! Such a good night, I have been to see Busted/McFly/McBusted every year they have toured since 2004, Started aged 14 and I am now 25!!!!! So its fair to say that I am a big fan having spent all those years traveling to London (From Ireland) to see those boys play, Even met Gi (Tom’s Wife) at McFly’s Memory Lane tour back in 2013 so you can imagine I was over the moon with that! (she’s so lovely btw & even took a pic with me, which I look awful in)





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