Edinburgh Adventures!

Hey Guys!

So a few weeks ago I went to Edinburgh to spend some time with my Sista ❤️ Was badly need and was loads of fun! We had a total chill day one of the days with a lovely spa day, facial, message, chill in the pool it was bliss! But the day before we traveled down to Northumberland to Alnwick Castle the place where they filmed Harry Potter’s very first Broom flying class (Check it out here) of course we got a broom and had to take some pictures, we are massive HP fans & we are finally going to Warner Brother Studios in London in September so being in Alnwick got us very excited!! Here are some pics from our day in Alnwick

We then went to the Owl Sanctuary which was lovely as they are so well looked after, I don’t like seeing animals of any kind locked up but they are all well fed and taken care of so they are prob in the best place! I took some pictures because they are amazing birds!!

We also went to the holy island which is an island that you can only get too certain times of the day for a few hours because then the tide comes in and your stuck, they have a castle that the Vikings took over and a church where some monks hung out! Was pretty cool!

This is the little hut you have to go too and wait to be saved if the tide comes in when you are driving back to the main land and your car gets stuck!

Overall I had an amazing trip to Edinburgh and Loved spending time with my Sista 👭

Ching ching! 
This is Archie, he’s super cute! 😻

Lots of Love,



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Hey Guys!

Over the last couple of week I’ve had all my family home from the UK which meant we had some family day trips planned! First we went to the Hill of Tara and then went to Glendalough which was lovely, here are some pics from our daily adventures….

The hill of Tara was so windy, so that’s the reason we all look extremely wind-swept!!

Lots of love,


5 things not to feel guilty about

Hey Guys!


Here are 5 things you should stop feeling guilty about, In life as long as your happy and happy with the way your life is well then there should be no time feeling guilty about nonsense…

1. Avoiding Nights out on the town.

Yep a night in is always better than having a night out, you don’t have to get all dressed up, you don’t have to queue to get into nightclubs, or have wait for taxi home and the end of the night, a lot of people would argue with me and say the weekend is the best time ever and your should be going out so call me boring I’m happy out spending my Saturday night chilling at home.

Night Clubs

2. Not having a Career.

I turn 27 in February 2017, but in September this year I plan on going back to college and do you know what I do not feel one bit guilty not having my career sorted yet, I don’t think anyone really knows what they want to do in their early twenties and it 100% takes getting into your mid twenties to finally make a leap and choosing a career that is truly going to make you happy, So don’t worry if you haven’t got that sorted yet it will eventually.


3. Binge watching Box-Sets.

No regrets in doing this, I’m not the only one and won’t be the last one to go and do it. It makes me happy, it’s something to do in the evenings and on a lazy Sunday afternoon, bliss.

true blood

4. Saying NO to someone.

You don’t have to be a people pleaser, Saying know is something I don’t do enough if someone asks me to do something I will usually cave and say Yes and then moan about it after! So don’t be scared to stay know to someone for whatever reason if you don’t agree or want to do what they ask just say no and move on no need to apologise for it.


5. Your personal life.

Your personal life basically means it’s personal and it’s no one else’s business, nothing annoys me more than when you meet someone you haven’t seen in ages and the first two questions they ask are “Where are you working now? Or another way it’s said “What are you getting up to lately” and the second question is always “Any fella in your life” I would just love to reply to them and say #1 None of your god damn business what I am getting up too and #2. No I am single and I am the happiest i have been in a long time, are you happy with them answers? Why can’t people just ask how are you? Have a little catch up and move on don’t start asking about relationship status or job status if I wanted to tell you this information I would!

New Girl

Lots of love,



Hopefield Animal Sanctuary!

Hey Guys!

This week I am in Essex taking care of my niece Ava Rae and today we went to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex back home in Ireland where I live we have a sanctuary but it’s mainly cats and dogs but in Brentwood the sanctuary has loads of different animals horses, turtles, pigs, birds, snakes, ferrets, rabbits and so on, The place was jam packed, in all the time I have been coming over to visit my brother and sister-in-law I never knew about hopefield until this visit and by golly  I was missing out, it is lovely! I love animals, all animals and if I had my way I would have a house full of all different kinds, at the moment I would love a bunny and a turtle (Thanks Hopefield I feel in love with a little grey bunny today)


I believe that all animals matter and deserve love and the best care humanly possible they are part of the family, I could never mistreat any animal in anyway and HATE that there are people out there that are so hateful and cruel and would mistreat animals, so this sanctuary made me quite sad at first but then I seen what good care and love they are all getting, it’s excellent and heart warming to see, as it means they can live the rest of their days in peace, they didn’t seem to mind all the kids screaming and shouting and most of them were coming to the fence of their enclosure to get a rub, even the pigs! Was amazing to see!

I took no pictures as I wasn’t sure if I was aloud or not!

Hello Kitty

The Sanctuary runs on donations only so being able to give a little to help with the care of the animals makes me feel great, as I said before I am a massive animal lover! If you are ever in Brentwood or London it is defo worth the train ride into Brentwood to the Sanctuary to help support the team them and the animals!

HERE is their website so go check it out!!

Please, if you have local Animal Sanctuary that are just running on donations please go help and donate even if its just blankets or food or even a couple of quid it all helps!

Thanks Guys!



5 Things that are overrated..

Hey Guys!

Today I decided to jump back into blogging after having a few weeks off, so lets start with something fun, Here are 5 things I believe to be really over rated!


Yes, money is something everyone needs to survive but your world doesn’t need to revolve around it, As long as you can budget and manage your cash does it really matter how much you’re making? The Key is to put away a little bit every week no matter what and you will be really surprised how much you will have at the end of it! (Click here to see some tips on how to save money)



I never have nor I never will become a gym bunny, it’s just not my thing, I would rather be out doors and be walking in the woods with my dogs then stuck inside some smelly gym, having old men droll over you when you are doing squats (Yes this has happened to me, it was my first and last time inside a gym, Gross!!)



Yep sometimes I think it would be lovely to have a BF to come home too but honestly at the moment I can’t think of anything worse right now than having to think for another person, I don’t like to depend on other people, I am my own person and Enjoy life not having the burden of having a boyfriend, I can go where I want, See who I want, basically do whatever the hell I want without checking with my other half first or making sure I don’t hurt his feelings! Independent woman yo!! Also if you have seen my track record when it comes to fellas you would saying the same! LOL!


4.Expensive Clothes!

I love shopping, I love getting new clothes it’s one of life’s great pleasures but buying clothes that cost me hundreds or even anything over €60/€70 is a big commitment to me, I only spend over that amount if it’s an investment and I only Invest in Sunglasses, Boots and Coats maybe the odd Trainer as long as I know they will last me a long time and the fact that I take really good care of my pricey things, (Fact: My GHD I got over ten years ago is only starting to see its last legs now) As far as everything else go’s my wardrobe is full of Primark, H&M and BooHoo nice cheap and cheerful!

Mean Girls

5.Being “On Fleek” all the time!

Cant believe I just used the work “Fleek” ugh! Anyway you don’t always need to be put together all the damn time, If you wanna leave the house in Leggings and a hoodie DO IT! Throw your hair in a messy bun, slap on some sunglasses and be on your way! Do waste all your time in front of the mirror, Yes I like to put on make up if I am going anywhere BUT I don’t spend as long of time as I use to in front of the mirror doing it, Usually a quick 5/10 min job unless it’s a night out then damn girl got to get that eyeliner on fleek! OMG I’m gonna stop saying fleek now (So Sad 🙈)


Lots of Love,




June Favourites!

Hey Guys!

Happy July! Not much of a summer out there at the moment is it? Hopefully the weather will pick up soon!! (The Rain doesnt stop this little Fella he loves being outdoors #PuppySpam 😍)


I have a busy few weeks coming up I am literally doing something every week up until the end of August, I am finishing up with my Invisalign and getting the bar put on the back of my teeth (Finally) then I’m off to Edinburgh and Essex, then family are coming home to visit then I am heading down to Cork for a cheeky little getaway, then have hospital appointments and then hopefully getting ready to go back to College (26 and going back to college, eeeeekkk) So it will be busy busy for the next couple of months!

So today’s post I want to share with you some stuff I have been using over the month of June and am loving! ❤

Max Factor, Face Finity all day 3in1 Foundation!

I don’t usually change my foundation very often I like to stick with what I know and what is good for my skin as I suffer from dry skin, So my usual Foundations are Rimmel foundations (Click Here to see what’s in my Make Up Bag) But I seen this the other day in Boots and I tested it on my neck and it was so smooth to try so I decided to buy it and give it a trial run, I went for the Natural shade as I like to have a light layer of foundation on.

Max Factor

No7 Early Defence Night Cream.

I usually used No7 Protect and Perfect Day and Night Cream (Click Here to see my Dry Skin Fix) but I seen this on boots when i ran out of night cream and decided to give it a try to see was it as good as the No7 P&P, I am more than likely going to go back to the Protect and Perfect night cream as I just think it’s better on my skin and doesn’t wear off as much as this does, But don’t get me wrong the Early Defence is really good my skin feels great but I am so used to the thicker cream, But if you are looking for a good starter anti-wrinkle cream this is the way to go!


No7 Early Defence Eye Cream!

I have only just started to use eye cream so I thought this one was a good starting point, and it is brilliant! It’s all I can really say about this, I haven’t seen a difference but I plan on sticking with the No7 range and see where it takes me, I get mistaken for a teenager all the time so maybe it is working haha! If when I’m 40 and people think I’m 30 it’s done it’s job!


Sleek Make-Up Cream Contour Kit.

You can’t go wrong with Sleek, I had the little sleek trio contour kit and loved it, So when I went into boots and seen this I had to get it, It’s not been used yet as you can see but I have tried Sleek’s Contour kits before and they are good and a great price too, doesn’t break the bank! I have the shade Light 095! Cant wait to get stuck into this, I might save it for my Holidays!


Sleek Make Up Eye Brow Pencil!

Sleek again, Just got Sleek in my local Boots so I am delighted haha!! This is one of the BEST eyebrow pencils I have ever used! It’s the prefect shade, Easy to use, Easy to Apply and has spooly on the end! Its bloody brilliant I love it! I use the Sleek Eyebrow Kit in dark and this is basically the same thing but it pencil which makes doing your eyebrows so much easier! This is a must for every girls make up bag! It doesn’t cake on like some pencils and it’s very natural looking! I went for the Dark shade as my hair is Dark brown so this shade Matches in nicely to my hair colour! Love Love Love LOVE this product!!!


Lots of Love,


Love Your Body!

Hey Guys!

Today I want to talk about body confidence, In 2016 body shaming is possibly at its highest it’s ever been, you can’t seem to look anywhere without some form of body shaming happening from walking down the street to clicking on your phone its everywhere and impossible to get away from!


So today I wanted to share with you why you should LOVE YOUR BODY and not to buy into any of the crap you read about or see on a daily basis. You are who you are if you love working out good for you if you would rather have a yummy take away then right on sister me too, I have never been one to go to the gym and I think its safe to say I never will, But hey look I’m happy with who I am and here are some reasons why you should too….


Never feel like you have to change your body to fit into or look good in certain clothes, buy clothes that match the body type you already have! Less stress more fashion fun! If something doesn’t fit go a size up, who’s going to know it’s not a size 10 anyway? Don’t worry!

Sassy Ellette

Food is meant to be enjoyable and tasty so if you want that burger but everyone else around you is eating a salad, fuck it get the damn burger, why not? An hour later you will still be full and happy when the rest of the people around you are only dying for a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar! You can eat healthily and be healthy but don’t cut out the things you love most, treating yourself to that burger isn’t going to put a massive a dent into your healthy eating plan!


Look it happens, it’s part of being a woman, they are not the most attractive looking things but they are natural and in your head you think you are the only person on the planet that has them but you’re not! Everyone has and will properly get stretch marks at some stage in their life! Be proud of your stripes! Look even some of the world’s top models suffer from stretch marks, no big deal!

Stretch Marks


Seriously don’t bother picking up them magazines that tell you, you can get a flat tummy in a month or that this cream and that cream will get rid of cellulite or that this cream will give you long-lasting perfect skin, don’t buy into any of that crap, because that’s what it is CRAP there will be something different next month and the month after that and the month after that, it’s their job to make you feel less confident and for you to go “Oh, I think I need that” when you really don’t!


Of course a part of body confidence is loving yourself, Love the person you are, everyone has something they don’t like about themselves and if you want to fix that something, then do it for you, don’t do it for anyone else, you won’t love it as much if you do it for someone else! Take care and be proud of the person you are and if anyone says shit to you just remember the reason they are being nasty is because they obviously aren’t happy with who they are or else they are just assholes! Just keep that chin help up high and that middle finger held higher!


Lots of Love,