June Favourites!

Hey Guys!

Happy July! Not much of a summer out there at the moment is it? Hopefully the weather will pick up soon!! (The Rain doesnt stop this little Fella he loves being outdoors #PuppySpam ūüėć)


I have a busy few weeks coming up I am literally doing something every week up until the end of August, I am finishing up with my Invisalign and getting the bar put on the back of my teeth (Finally) then I’m off to Edinburgh and Essex, then family are coming home to visit then I am heading down¬†to Cork for a cheeky little getaway, then have hospital appointments and then hopefully getting ready to go back to College (26 and going back to college, eeeeekkk) So it will be busy busy for the next¬†couple of months!

So today’s post I want to share with you some stuff I have been using over the month of June and am loving! ‚̧

Max Factor, Face Finity all day 3in1 Foundation!

I don’t usually change my foundation very often I like to stick with what I know and what is good for my skin as I suffer from dry skin, So my usual Foundations are Rimmel foundations (Click Here to see what’s in my Make Up Bag) But I seen this the other day in Boots and I tested it on my neck and it was so smooth to try so I decided to buy it and give it a trial run, I went for the Natural shade¬†as I like to have a light layer of foundation on.

Max Factor

No7 Early Defence Night Cream.

I usually used No7 Protect and Perfect Day and Night Cream (Click Here to see my Dry Skin Fix) but I seen this on boots when i ran out of night cream and decided to give it a try to see was it as good as the No7 P&P, I am more than likely going to go back to the Protect and Perfect night cream as I just think it’s better on my skin and doesn’t wear off as much as this does, But don’t get me wrong the Early Defence is really good my skin feels great but I am so used to the thicker cream, But if you are looking for a good starter anti-wrinkle cream this is the way to go!


No7 Early Defence Eye Cream!

I have only just started to use eye cream so I thought this one was a good starting point, and it is brilliant! It’s all I can really say about this, I haven’t seen a difference but I plan on sticking with the No7 range and see where it takes me, I get mistaken for a teenager all the time so maybe it is working haha! If when I’m 40 and people think I’m 30 it’s done it’s job!


Sleek Make-Up Cream Contour Kit.

You can’t go wrong with Sleek, I had the little sleek trio contour kit and loved it, So when I went into boots and seen this I had to get it, It’s not been used yet as you can see but I have tried Sleek’s Contour kits before and they are¬†good and a great price too, doesn’t¬†break the bank! I have the shade Light 095! Cant wait to get stuck into this, I might save it for my Holidays!


Sleek Make Up Eye Brow Pencil!

Sleek again, Just got Sleek in my local Boots so I am delighted haha!! This is one of the BEST eyebrow pencils I have ever used! It’s the prefect shade, Easy to use, Easy to Apply and has spooly on the end! Its bloody brilliant I love it! I use the Sleek Eyebrow Kit in dark and this is basically the same thing but it pencil which makes doing your eyebrows so much easier! This is a must for every girls make up bag! It doesn’t cake on like some pencils and it’s very natural looking! I went for the Dark shade as my hair is Dark brown so this shade Matches in nicely to my hair colour! Love Love Love LOVE this product!!!


Lots of Love,


Summer ’16 // Sun Safety!

Hey Guys!

Summer has landed, well kind of, at the moment its raining but hopefully we will get some more sunny days in the next couple of weeks! People get so excited about the sun coming out they forget how dangerous it actually is for you, Yes you do need your daily dose of Vitamin D but the sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin and if you have ever gotten burnt while being out in the sun you know it can lead to having a few miserable sleepless days and nights and can also lead to you avoiding all sun related activities for the rest of the sunny days! BUMMER!

Irish girl tanning

Well doing one simple thing can help with all that, help protect you and make sure you don’t miss out on the lovely weather SUNSCREEN, Yep it’s that simple!

Applying Sunscreen can protect you from:

-Harmful UV Rays

-Lowers Skin Cancer Risks

-Protects against Sunburn

-Protects against Premature aging

Remember the higher the SPF (Sun protective factor) number the greater amount of protection, 15/20 is usually the most common onepeople use but make sure to get a higher  SPF if heading off to a hotter climate and if you plan on spending most of the day in the sun.


Tips on applying Sunscreen:

-Apply sunscreen 20-30minutes before you go outdoors.

-Re-Apply every 3 hours no matter what the bottle says.

-Ladies, Make sure you have an SPF on under your make-up.

-Lather it on, Make sure you cover every bit of body that’s going to be exposed to the sun.



Sunscreen helps protect against sun but make sure to take extra care when in the sun, take a break get in the shade, wear a hat, Don’t over expose yourself to the sun.

If you are that desperate¬†for a tan – Get it from a bottle! ūüėČ

fake tan

Stay Safe!

Lots of Love,



May Favourites!

Hey Guys!

Been M.I.A the past two weeks but I’m back to show you some of my favourite things I have been loving this past month!



This month I have found this new tan called Bellamianta a lot of bloggers have been giving this product great reviews so I said I would jump on the band wagon and see what it was like & I wasn’t disappointed, I ended up having to get the lotion as the moose was sold out so I am waiting for that¬†to come back in stock so I can give it a go but this tan so lovely and natural and drys to fast so no waiting about trying to air dry and doesn’t smell which is always something I hate about fake tans but this one has a lovely smell YAY!!!. It’s defo worth the money!



A couple of weeks ago I got a bit sun burnt which made my skin dry out worse than it already was, lately I have been suffering with such dry skin on my legs that I was desperate for a good cream that would help with the dry and irritated skin on my legs and I found this just to try like I done with 10 others before but this Aveeno Dermexa is brilliant and has defo made my skin a bit better that what it was!


These two matte lipsticks are amazing! I am loving the matte look lately the Sleek one in colour “435 Petal” it is defo a proper matte it go’s on like a cream and then completely dries out which isn’t very good for my lips as I suffer from quite dry and chapped lips most of the time Carmex is my best friend! But i still love it Sleek can do no wrong! The Second one I have been loving is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, Not I have has this longer than just this month but I am so obsessed with it, it does exactly what it says it pure velvet it’s so smooth to put on and it’s such good quality that it stays on for ages without having to touch it up, I have it in could “07 nude-ist”

Sleek Matte MeRouge Edition Velvet


I don’t really have much to say on these products, who doesn’t like their house smelling lovely? Well I got my love in incense¬†from my mother as she is always burning some, so these are my current favourites! “Sandal Cedar” these incense cones are from Pennys/Primark and are only ‚ā¨1 BARGAIN! The incense sticks are from a little shop in the next town to where I live and the are Rose and Night Queen and smell amazing!



So whenever I am in the pet shop I always have to go to the toy section to see if anything pops out at me that I can get Opie (He doesn’t need anymore toys but hey ho, he’s my baby I got to spoil him) anyways I had seen this rubber flying disk and thought I bet they are crap and won’t fly at all the dog will just chew them up! But I got it home, Gave it to Opie and he turned his nose up at it, cheeky shit! But Cash loves it (thats him there being a model with said rubber disk) he gets such good fun out if it! Defo worth the pennies to see that big bear happy!


Hope you had a great May and have an awesome June! SUMMER YAY!!!


What’s In My MakeUp Bag?

Hey Guys!

I have been wanting to do this post for a while and I have finally got around to doing it! (Yay) My everyday go to make-up! I’m more of a high street Make-Up kinda girl, I would rather spend extra on Make-Up brushes and¬†on¬†good Skin Care treatments than spend big bucks on the more expensive Make-up and as I wear Make-Up every day I run out a lot quicker and its just so handy to pop into your local boots and grab the bits you need!


Obviously like most females I have gone and splashed the cash on some expensive Make-Up to give it a go, there was a time when I was about 18 or 19 that the only Eyeliner I would wear would be Chanel which is ‚ā¨20 a pop and I go through eyeliner quite fast as its the one piece of make-up I CAN NOT live without but as I have gotten older I don’t wear Make-Up as much or as often as I use too, Now I just rather take better care of my skin! You can check out what Skin Care products I use HERE¬†

But anyways here are some of my go to make-up!



Gosh Foundation Primer

Depending on what coverage I am looking for I use go back and forth between these two,

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Shade 100 IVORY & Rimmel London Stay Matte Shade 100 IVORY

These are the best Concealers for me I use the Collection Lasting Perfection more (as you can see, it’s well loved) its great for covering dark circles and if you have a pimple! I swear by this! I use Shades “Collection – 1 FAIR” & “Rimmel -007 IVORY”


Another well loved Item is the Collection #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro I use this to Conture and to Highlight, I also sometimes Use the Sleek highlighting platte!DSC00319Collection #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro

Sleek MakeUp Brow duo, I use this in shade Dark 818.


Eyeliner is Bourjois Parish in Ultra Black and Mascara is NO7 Lash Impact in black.


Lipsticks I use are Collection Little Mix Range in Perrie’s shade! Barry M in shade 156.

Lipgloss I use is Soap & Glory Pillow Plump in shade Nude in Town.

Lip Butter I use almost everyday is Collection shade 01 Marshmallow Pink.

Lots of Love,


Dry skin fix!

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is well this week and looking forward to Easter!

I have always had problems with Dry Skin mainly on my face, It’s seriously the most annoying thing because Make-Up never sits right if you have dry skin. So here are some products that I am currently using to help tackle the dreaded dry skin!

-GARNIER, Micellar Cleaning Water-

This isn’t a new product and I’m sure everyone has heard about it by now. I just use this because I am trying to get away from face wipes because I notice that my skin can get really back break outs if I keep using wipes and they don’t really get all your make up off so using a cleansing water gets everything off!


-GARNIER, Softening Toner, Goodbye Dry!-

I have only recently started using a toner and I am loving it!!I don’t know why I didn’t start using toner before, this one by Garnier is brilliant as it’s for dry skin!!


-No7 Protect & Perfect Insense ADVANCED, Day and Night Cream-

I know that these creams are bit pricy but they are so good and you are never too young to start on the anti-ageing creams. The Night Cream is my favourite it’s so rich and when I wake up in the morning my face feels so soft and hydrated!


-GARNIER, Moisture Nourish, Daily Rich Moisturiser-

This is a lovely Rich Moisturiser and is perfect for under make-up if you have really dry skin, This cream is my saviour!!


-No7, Beautiful Skin, Hydration Mask-

Now I only have this a couple of days and have only used it once but holy crap it is amazing!!!!! My skin never felt better after this!!! Leave it on for a max of 10 mins and wash it off with warm water and you will never use anything else, it gives your skin such a boost in moisture!


-No7, Total Renewal, Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator-

This is only to be used twice a week, for no longer than 2 minutes at a time! Yep, that’s how good this is! It’s a really good exfoliatior¬†it says on the back that within 4 treatments it stimulates skin cells renewal to work against fine lines, skin tone and leaves skin feeling softer and helps to work against the appearance of dark areas, sun damaged and¬†belmish-prone skin! Happy Days! I have only used it once so far so lets see if it lives up to the hype! SO far so good!


So there you have it, hope this helps if you suffer from really dry skin like myself!


Lots of Love,



Who cares? It’s just hair….

Hey Guys,

This week involved me doing something that I swore I would never do again, Last year I went and dyed my hair bleach blonde, it may not be a big deal to some but it was to me, I have always experimented with my hair and I have had it loads of different colours but Blonde was a big one, It took me months to get it right but when I eventually got there I LOVED it, I had dark brown hair for so long that going blonde was a dramatic change for me. I had attempted to do it loads of times before but ended up chickening out or going around with an orange head or just doing ombre styles.

So after I went back dark before christmas I told myself that I was never going to bleach my hair again that it was too much hassle and bleaching it damaged it but that was until this week, Giving all my money to Bleach London again I decided I was going to dye my hair PURPLE!!!!! Yes Purple!!!!! I have had my whole head done Purple before when I was 18/19 so it’s no big deal and loved it so much but this time its REALLY purple like BRIGHT PURPLE,¬†it’s only the ends of my hair but hey its still really fun!

*flips hair*


Everyone hated me as a blonde said it didn’t suit me but I loved it and I will admit after weeks of hearing “I prefer you with dark hair” I gave in and dyed it, much to my own disappointment and ever since I have wanted my blonde locks back! So here I am, a bleach London “Total Bleach” box sitting next to me and I am so tempted to go back blonde, but this time I might just go really blonde on the ends and keep the ombre look with some dark roots and screw what everyone else says!


Do what you wanna do its your hair after all! Have fun and try something different this coming summer!!

Lots of Love,


My Invisalign Story so far…

Hey Guys,

So just a quick post to let you know how I am getting on in my Invisalign journey, I am not finished treatment yet as I still have refinements to get to fix a tooth in the front that just needs an extra little push, But I am officially finished my first lot of alingers, So if you are interested in getting Invisalign or have just started treatment I hope this helps you in some way!


“Invisalign is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry technology. Unlike the more traditional braces or retainers, Invisalign is a virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth. You will be fitted with removable, see-through aligners that have been specifically crafted to fit your teeth.”

I started my Invisalign in June last year, I went to Dental Options in Clane Hospital in Co Kildare, I only went to get the free consultation as I had gotten quoted for train tracks and was told that I would have to wear them for 4 years which didn’t suit me at all because I was 25 and didn’t want to do the whole train tracks thing and the price I was quoted was absolutely out of this world there was no way I could afford it! I originally wanted 6month braces but that dentist told me it wouldn’t work on my teeth, So that was that, dreams of having perfect teeth went out the window.


It was about a year or so after that I realised that I was starting to get a bit of a gap in my two front teeth I hated my teeth enough as it was so getting gap wasn’t going to work for me, it was due to my wisdom teeth that my front teeth were shifting at a rapid pace, So I sat down one afternoon ad that when I found Dental Options and thought I might as well go for the free consultation, I went into that appointment thinking they were going to tell me the same thing as the last dentist, but they didn’t i was told that, I was perfect for Invisalign and that they would be able to do it for me no problem YIPPEEEEE!!! So I skipped out of that room to discuss it with my Mother (you always ask momma for advise) and she said go for it! Turns out Clane Hospital offer payment plans which made the whole thing even better and so I started my journey!


The day I was called and told my braces were there was a great day I couldn’t wait to go get them on and get the ball rolling, I seen Barry that day and he put my attachments on and slipped the brace on and that was it! It was all over in less than an hour, He told me I only had 19 aligners to get through but my front tooth was going to get me trouble and my treatment would take more than 19 aligners, he always give me a few tips, If I am drinking tea, coffee or vodka and red bull THE BRACE STAYS IN, If I am shifting some lad THE BRACE STAYS IN (that made me laugh haha) they only time the brace comes out is if I am chewing something other than that it stays in and change them every two weeks!


Number 1


I didn’t take pictures everytime I changed my brace I took a picture on the first¬†aligner¬†(1) and the the last one (19)

The first couple of weeks were awful, the pain I felt in my mouth was dreadful the Invisalign diet is real 100% I lost a good bit of weight the first month or so in to my treatment, Its because I cut out all snacks and was basically only eating my three meals a day which was usually soup or something soft, I didn’t want to eat either because my face was so sore haha! But as time went on it got better. The pain got too much at one stage I had a mini breakdown and said I didn’t want to do it anymore that I didn’t want to go through it and I was fine with my teeth, that passed pretty quick cause I started to see changes in my teeth so happy days, Its a lot of work, pain and maintenance but it is worth it and it usually takes no longer than 18 months or so, which is ALOT shorter than Train Tracks!!

Number 19

(the last aligner before refinments!)


Everyones story is different, I suffered a lot in the begging with pain but it passed after the first few aligners were changed and now I don’t really feel it anymore, I have gotten so use to it. At the moment in my treatment I am waiting for my refinements to come back so It can fix my front tooth that is still over lapping, My last two braces didn’t fit because of the tooth not moving so I had to go get a retainer made to keep my teeth in the one spot until I get my next batch of braces, So I hope to completely finished in the next couple of months where I will post again.


Retainer until I get my next batch of braces, you can dee the problem tooth sitting pretty ūüė°


Roll on the day I finish treatment,



If you have any questions don’t be scared to ask I will answer best I can ūüôā

Lots of Love,



Must have hair products…..

Five of my must have hair products…

Bleach London Reincarnation Mask ‚Äď ¬£6/‚ā¨7.99. If you have dyed hair this is the perfect hair mask to help bring your hair back to life and make silky smooth, I sometimes use this as a conditioner too and my hair always feels amazing afterwards. Bleach London has been my go to hair products for the past couple of years it‚Äôs brilliant!

Bleach London Everyday Dry Shampoo – ¬£6/‚ā¨7.99 Best dry shampoo on the shelf hands down, leaves no white powder hair, no over powering smell.

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