Explore// Edinburgh

So a few weeks ago I went to Edinburgh to spend some time with my Sista ❤️ Was badly need and was loads of fun! We had a total chill day one of the days with a lovely spa day, facial, message, chill in the pool it was bliss! But the day before we traveled down to Northumberland to Alnwick Castle the place where they filmed Harry Potter’s very first Broom flying class (Check it out here) of course we got a broom and had to take some pictures, we are massive HP fans & we are finally going to Warner Brother Studios in London in September so being in Alnwick got us very excited!!

We then went to the Owl Sanctuary which was lovely as they are so well looked after, I don’t like seeing animals of any kind locked up but they are all well fed and taken care of so they are prob in the best place! I took some pictures because they are amazing birds!!

We also went to the holy island which is an island that you can only get too certain times of the day for a few hours because then the tide comes in and your stuck, they have a castle that the Vikings took over and a church where some monks hung out!

This is the little hut you have to go too and wait to be saved if the tide comes in when you are driving back to the main land and your car gets stuck!

Overall I had an amazing trip to Edinburgh and Loved spending time with my Sista 👭


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