Five thing’s you should not feel guitly for doing. Self happiness is key!


Here are 5 things you should stop feeling guilty about, In life as long as your happy and happy with the way your life is well then there should be no time feeling guilty about nonsense…

1. Avoiding Nights out on the town.

Yep a night in is always better than having a night out, you don’t have to get all dressed up, you don’t have to queue to get into nightclubs, or have wait for taxi home and the end of the night, a lot of people would argue with me and say the weekend is the best time ever and your should be going out so call me boring I’m happy out spending my Saturday night chilling at home.

Night Clubs

2. Not having a Career.

I turn 27 in February 2017, but in September this yearย I plan on going back to college and do you know what I do not feel one bit guilty not having my career sorted yet, I don’t think anyone really knows what they want to do in their early twenties and it 100% takes getting into your mid twenties to finally make a leap and choosing a career that is truly going to make you happy, So don’t worry if you haven’t got that sorted yet it will eventually.


3. Binge watching Box-Sets.

No regrets in doing this, I’m not the only one and won’t be the last one to go and do it. It makes me happy, it’s something to do in the evenings and on a lazy Sunday afternoon, bliss.

true blood

4. Saying NO to someone.

You don’t have to be a people pleaser, Saying know is something I don’t do enough if someone asks me to do something I will usually cave and say Yes and then moan about it after! So don’t be scared to stay know to someone for whatever reason if you don’t agree or want to do what they ask just say no and move on no need to apologise for it.


5. Your personal life.

Your personal life basically means it’s personal and it’s no one else’s business, nothing annoys me more than when you meet someone you haven’t seen in ages and the first two questions they ask are “Where are you working now? Or another way it’s said “What are you getting up to lately” and the second question is always “Any fella in your life” I would just love to reply to them and say #1 None of your god damn business what I am getting up too and #2. No I am single and I am the happiest i have been in a long time, are you happy with them answers? Why can’t people just ask how are you? Have a little catch up and move on don’t start asking about relationship status or job status if I wanted to tell you this information I would!

New Girl


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