Hopefield Animal Sanctuary!

Hey Guys!

This week I am in Essex taking care of my niece Ava Rae and today we went to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex back home in Ireland where I live we have a sanctuary but it’s mainly cats and dogs but in Brentwood the sanctuary has loads of different animals horses, turtles, pigs, birds, snakes, ferrets, rabbits and so on, The place was jam packed, in all the time I have been coming over to visit my brother and sister-in-law I never knew about hopefield until this visit and by golly  I was missing out, it is lovely! I love animals, all animals and if I had my way I would have a house full of all different kinds, at the moment I would love a bunny and a turtle (Thanks Hopefield I feel in love with a little grey bunny today)


I believe that all animals matter and deserve love and the best care humanly possible they are part of the family, I could never mistreat any animal in anyway and HATE that there are people out there that are so hateful and cruel and would mistreat animals, so this sanctuary made me quite sad at first but then I seen what good care and love they are all getting, it’s excellent and heart warming to see, as it means they can live the rest of their days in peace, they didn’t seem to mind all the kids screaming and shouting and most of them were coming to the fence of their enclosure to get a rub, even the pigs! Was amazing to see!

I took no pictures as I wasn’t sure if I was aloud or not!

Hello Kitty

The Sanctuary runs on donations only so being able to give a little to help with the care of the animals makes me feel great, as I said before I am a massive animal lover! If you are ever in Brentwood or London it is defo worth the train ride into Brentwood to the Sanctuary to help support the team them and the animals!

HERE is their website so go check it out!!

Please, if you have local Animal Sanctuary that are just running on donations please go help and donate even if its just blankets or food or even a couple of quid it all helps!

Thanks Guys!



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