Sometimes life get’s you down and you can worry about useless thing’s… So here are five thing’s that are overrated!


Today I decided to jump back into blogging after having a few weeks off, so lets start with something fun, Here are 5 things I believe to be really over rated!


Yes, money is something everyone needs to survive but your world doesn’t need to revolve around it, As long as you can budget and manage your cash does it really matter how much you’re making? The Key is to put away a little bit every week no matter what and you will be really surprised how much you will have at the end of it! (Click here to see some tips on how to save money)



I never have nor I never will become a gym bunny, it’s just not my thing, I would rather be out doors and be walking in the woods with my dogs then stuck inside some smelly gym, having old men droll over you when you are doing squats (Yes this has happened to me, it was my first and last time inside a gym, Gross!!)



Yep sometimes I think it would be lovely to have a BF to come home too but honestly at the moment I can’t think of anything worse right now than having to think for another person, I don’t like to depend on other people, I am my own person and Enjoy life not having the burden of having a boyfriend, I can go where I want, See who I want, basically do whatever the hell I want without checking with my other half first or making sure I don’t hurt his feelings! Independent woman yo!! Also if you have seen my track record when it comes to fellas you would saying the same! LOL!


4.Expensive Clothes!

I love shopping, I love getting new clothes it’s one of life’s great pleasures but buying clothes that cost me hundreds or even anything over €60/€70 is a big commitment to me, I only spend over that amount if it’s an investment and I only Invest in Sunglasses, Boots and Coats maybe the odd Trainer as long as I know they will last me a long time and the fact that I take really good care of my pricey things, (Fact: My GHD I got over ten years ago is only starting to see its last legs now) As far as everything else go’s my wardrobe is full of Primark, H&M and BooHoo nice cheap and cheerful!

Mean Girls

5.Being “On Fleek” all the time!

Cant believe I just used the work “Fleek” ugh! Anyway you don’t always need to be put together all the damn time, If you wanna leave the house in Leggings and a hoodie DO IT! Throw your hair in a messy bun, slap on some sunglasses and be on your way! Do waste all your time in front of the mirror, Yes I like to put on make up if I am going anywhere BUT I don’t spend as long of time as I use to in front of the mirror doing it, Usually a quick 5/10 min job unless it’s a night out then damn girl got to get that eyeliner on fleek! OMG I’m gonna stop saying fleek now (So Sad 🙈)


Lots of Love,




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