Here we are at the end of June, So I wanted to share some of my favourite product’s that I have used over this past month.


Happy July! Not much of a summer out there at the moment is it? Hopefully the weather will pick up soon!! (The Rain doesnt stop this little Fella he loves being outdoors #PuppySpam 😍)


I have a busy few weeks coming up I am literally doing something every week up until the end of August, I am finishing up with my Invisalign and getting the bar put on the back of my teeth (Finally) then I’m off to Edinburgh and Essex, then family are coming home to visit then I am heading down to Cork for a cheeky little getaway, then have hospital appointments and then hopefully getting ready to go back to College (26 and going back to college, eeeeekkk) So it will be busy busy for the next couple of months!

So today’s post I want to share with you some stuff I have been using over the month of June and am loving!

Max Factor, Face Finity all day 3in1 Foundation!

I don’t usually change my foundation very often I like to stick with what I know and what is good for my skin as I suffer from dry skin, So my usual Foundations are Rimmel foundations (Click Here to see what’s in my Make Up Bag) But I seen this the other day in Boots and I tested it on my neck and it was so smooth to try so I decided to buy it and give it a trial run, I went for the Natural shade as I like to have a light layer of foundation on.

Max Factor

No7 Early Defence Night Cream.

I usually used No7 Protect and Perfect Day and Night Cream (Click Here to see my Dry Skin Fix) but I seen this on boots when i ran out of night cream and decided to give it a try to see was it as good as the No7 P&P, I am more than likely going to go back to the Protect and Perfect night cream as I just think it’s better on my skin and doesn’t wear off as much as this does, But don’t get me wrong the Early Defence is really good my skin feels great but I am so used to the thicker cream, But if you are looking for a good starter anti-wrinkle cream this is the way to go!


No7 Early Defence Eye Cream!

I have only just started to use eye cream so I thought this one was a good starting point, and it is brilliant! It’s all I can really say about this, I haven’t seen a difference but I plan on sticking with the No7 range and see where it takes me, I get mistaken for a teenager all the time so maybe it is working haha! If when I’m 40 and people think I’m 30 it’s done it’s job!


Sleek Make-Up Cream Contour Kit.

You can’t go wrong with Sleek, I had the little sleek trio contour kit and loved it, So when I went into boots and seen this I had to get it, It’s not been used yet as you can see but I have tried Sleek’s Contour kits before and they are good and a great price too, doesn’t break the bank! I have the shade Light 095! Cant wait to get stuck into this, I might save it for my Holidays!


Sleek Make Up Eye Brow Pencil!

Sleek again, Just got Sleek in my local Boots so I am delighted haha!! This is one of the BEST eyebrow pencils I have ever used! It’s the prefect shade, Easy to use, Easy to Apply and has spooly on the end! Its bloody brilliant I love it! I use the Sleek Eyebrow Kit in dark and this is basically the same thing but it pencil which makes doing your eyebrows so much easier! This is a must for every girls make up bag! It doesn’t cake on like some pencils and it’s very natural looking! I went for the Dark shade as my hair is Dark brown so this shade Matches in nicely to my hair colour! Love Love Love LOVE this product!!!


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