Lets talk about – Movie Nights!

Hey Guys!

I know it’s Summer even though the weather outside is no way summery but it doesn’t matter what the season is outside, everyone loves a good cosy night in, chilling out, relaxing & watching a movie, If that sounds like your idea of hell well then there is something wrong with you! You’re bed is prob the best place to get comfy,cosy and to have a proper movie night!!

So here are my top tips on getting comfy and relaxing like a pro.

Obviously first up you have to choose a movie!! A movie is a must if you want the ultimate cosy night in! I watch a movie almost every night!

Back to the future part 2

I like to use tea lights small and big ones as they are just handier to have and that way you can get some really cute tea light holders, like these Rabbit ones I got in my local chemist and the Himalayan salt rocks I got from Lidl!!


Fairy Lights/Lava Lamps/Himalayan Salt Lamp
Something that gives soft lighting is 100% needed to make a room feel warm, cosy and welcoming, If I had my way the whole house would be full of fairy lights and all different warm lightings, I am obsessed!

Cuddle Buddy (Optional) / Blanket
Usually having a good cuddle up with someone is the best way to get comfy my cuddle Buddy now a days is Opie (Obviously) he loves a good cuddle so why not! Or Charlie he also loves to come lay on the bed not much of a cuddle buddy but he likes to be near haha!! Also a blanket is a total must have! (Look at these two ❤ )


Enjoy the bliss of being warm and cosy!

Lots of Love,


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