May Favourites!

Hey Guys!

Been M.I.A the past two weeks but I’m back to show you some of my favourite things I have been loving this past month!



This month I have found this new tan called Bellamianta a lot of bloggers have been giving this product great reviews so I said I would jump on the band wagon and see what it was like & I wasn’t disappointed, I ended up having to get the lotion as the moose was sold out so I am waiting for that to come back in stock so I can give it a go but this tan so lovely and natural and drys to fast so no waiting about trying to air dry and doesn’t smell which is always something I hate about fake tans but this one has a lovely smell YAY!!!. It’s defo worth the money!



A couple of weeks ago I got a bit sun burnt which made my skin dry out worse than it already was, lately I have been suffering with such dry skin on my legs that I was desperate for a good cream that would help with the dry and irritated skin on my legs and I found this just to try like I done with 10 others before but this Aveeno Dermexa is brilliant and has defo made my skin a bit better that what it was!


These two matte lipsticks are amazing! I am loving the matte look lately the Sleek one in colour “435 Petal” it is defo a proper matte it go’s on like a cream and then completely dries out which isn’t very good for my lips as I suffer from quite dry and chapped lips most of the time Carmex is my best friend! But i still love it Sleek can do no wrong! The Second one I have been loving is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, Not I have has this longer than just this month but I am so obsessed with it, it does exactly what it says it pure velvet it’s so smooth to put on and it’s such good quality that it stays on for ages without having to touch it up, I have it in could “07 nude-ist”

Sleek Matte MeRouge Edition Velvet


I don’t really have much to say on these products, who doesn’t like their house smelling lovely? Well I got my love in incense from my mother as she is always burning some, so these are my current favourites! “Sandal Cedar” these incense cones are from Pennys/Primark and are only €1 BARGAIN! The incense sticks are from a little shop in the next town to where I live and the are Rose and Night Queen and smell amazing!



So whenever I am in the pet shop I always have to go to the toy section to see if anything pops out at me that I can get Opie (He doesn’t need anymore toys but hey ho, he’s my baby I got to spoil him) anyways I had seen this rubber flying disk and thought I bet they are crap and won’t fly at all the dog will just chew them up! But I got it home, Gave it to Opie and he turned his nose up at it, cheeky shit! But Cash loves it (thats him there being a model with said rubber disk) he gets such good fun out if it! Defo worth the pennies to see that big bear happy!


Hope you had a great May and have an awesome June! SUMMER YAY!!!


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