Summer Style!

Hey Guys!

Now as I have mentioned a few times before I am not a huge fan of the summer season & the sunshine, I prefer to dress for winter and colder weather summer style just isn’t something I was ever a fan of but this year I am going to try to embrace the sunshine a bit more (mainly because Doctor says I lack in some Vitamin D, Which apparently is very common in Irish people)

I am a huge fan of jumpsuits and playsuits they are just so comfortable so this year I have decided that my summer go to look is going to be Culottes jumpsuit, they are light, flow and quite flattering, No showing off too much bum like a playsuit and no riding up the butt like a jumpsuit!

Here are some of my favourite I found online over the past week!

Boohoo Ordered this one today! €20 from

Boohoo €27 from 


boohoo €20 from

boohoo €16 from

boohoo €34 from

As you can see is clearly the best prices for clothes and is one of my favourite online stores!

Lots of Love,





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