Just a short post on where and how to get information and help if you or someone you know suffers from a Mental Health problem!


So today I wanted to speak a bit about Mental Helath and some places you can go to get help if you need too! Just know you are not alone!

Having a Mental Health disorder can be hard, it can feel like you are totally alone and no one will understand what is going on in your head if you were to say everything you were thinking out loud, It can be extremely disheartening and isolating. 1 in 4 of us suffer from some type of mental health difficulty in our lifetime, you might suffer from something that you can pull yourself out of and other may suffer and have to seek help else where from a doctor or medication but what everyone needs to know is that no matter how you feel there are people and places to go to get help and there is no shame is saying that you need an extra hand, asking for help means you are taking care of yourself and want to get back on the right road may it be long or short!

People you can go to for help, if you feel family and friends aren’t going to understand! The first place you should go is to see your GP, They will send you in the right direction and are a great support along the way & they will always be there if you just need a little chat!

You can also go and seek help from Counselling and psychotherapy services, if you just want to get to the root of the problem and don’t want to go see a GP well then there are plenty places to go and get Counselling and psychotherapy services, but going to your GP can send you in their right direction and they can recommend some names and places to go. Even if you didn’t want to go speak to someone face to face you can build up to that by using helplines or online forms or even closed groups on Facebook. There are plenty of places to go and seek some advise or just someone to rant to if you need it!

Don’t ever feel like there isn’t help out there because there is! It’s all around you, you just can’t see it because it’s not right in front of your face, you have to go looking for it! But it’s there!! There are some lovely qualified understanding people waiting for you to start on your road to recovery and to help you cope with your mental health and to help you understand more of whats going on with your mid and body!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Some websites to get more information!

Ireland                                                United Kingdom

Mental Health Ireland                   Mind

Your Mental Health                        Mental Health Foundation

A Lust For Life.                                 Together

Pieta House                                        NHS

Also if you are interested in trying to understand more about mental health here are

7 OF THE BEST MOVIES ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH! Oh & Perks of being a wallflower.

Lots of Love,



In Ireland our government couldn’t give a crap about Mental Health, as most of us know it is something that needs to be addressed more often and brought to people’s attention and for the people who are suffering from a mental health disorder they need to know that there is help out there and places to go if they need too.

Here is the Dáil on April 26th a Mental Health Debate! Empty..

Now I’m not very much big into politics but I know enough to get by and I know that this government that we have leading our country is all wrong, the health care services aren’t up to the standard they should be in 2016 and that is just one problem we are facing, I could sit here and list all the other issues we have to face as a country that our government won’t help try fix as long as they are getting their big fat wads of cash, fancy car and their big houses, who cares about everyone else!

Needed a little rant about that!

– B

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