Let’s talk about – TEA.


So I have never been a Tea drinker, To be completely honest the smell of tea with milk actually makes my want to gag, Yes I am Irish, Yes they say it’s blasphemy if you’re Irish and don’t drink Tea, blah blah blah! But over the past year I have really started getting into the whole Tea thing but not black tea, but herbal tea!

The thing with herbal teas is, there are so many to match your mood and they are so good for you! Here are some of my favourites are the goodness they bring!


Lemon & Ginger My absolute favourite!!! It’s great for the digestion, so if you have a dodgy tummy like myself it’s always good to have a lemon and ginger tea on stand by, It also helps me when I have a sore throat or a cold the ginger is great for clearing the mucus and all that nasty business that comes along with  cold, You can also add some honey to help soothe a sore throat, the other benefit of drinking lemon and ginger tea when you have a cold is you are getting loads of Vitamin C as lemons are packed full of it, so happy days!! It also give you a good bust when you are feeling bit run down.


Camomile – For someone like myself that suffers a bit from Anxiety and Panic Attacks this is something that needs to be beside the kettle! It’s great for helping you wind down and relax, It’s also good when your muscles are cramping up so if you suffer from really bad period cramps or have body aches from the sickness its good to help relax the muscles and to ease the strain, which also makes it a good tea to drink if you suffer from headaches!


Peppermint – If I ever feel Nausea (usually coming up to my period, I get quite sickly) Peppermint tea is my go to, As I said before I don’t have a great stomach so I can feel quite sickly most days so having a peppermint tea really helps  kick the nausea’s butt! I find peppermint tea is great for when IBS symptoms show up, it helps ease the sickly feeling that brings along. I find it helps me with the symptoms that comes along with that time of the month! Also it smells great which means after you drink it you have lovely fresh breath!


Green Tea – This is the more popular one of all the herbal Tea’s and something i need to try more of! I am dying to try the salted Carmel green tea I have heard it’s amazing! The benefits of drink green tea its meant to help protect you from heart problems, lose some weight, keeps your bones song, helps with teeth your teeth and gums healthy and loads more! I am going to try to start drinking more green tea, I am wanting to give up Coffee for over the Summer to see if I feel any better as I am having a lot of sickly days lately and have a few doctors appointments coming up over the next few months so I’m looking to kick the caffeine habit!

Is there any herbal teas that you think I should try let me know? I would love to try somehting new and different!

   Lots of Love,



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