Puppy Update!

Hey Guys!

Just a quick update on how my monster of a Maltichon Opie is doing!


  • Opie is now 21 weeks old!
  • He chews EVERYTHING!
  • Has become very vocal and loves to yap and everything, sometimes he just even bark at a teddy, its odd, but very funny to witness.
  • He’s scared of most things, strangers being one of them!
  • Has been out in the big bad world a lot over the past few weeks and loves it, few scary moments but so far so good, his little legs can only carry him so far and then he’s jumping at me to pick him up so he can be carried (spoilt, I know)

  • He had his first encounter with other people besides family and other dogs over the Easter weekend & he did really well, only a couple of scary moments.
  • He met my niece Ava for the first time, it was a success, bar a few nips but no real tears so happy days!!
  • All tummy problems have cleared up (thank god) But currently has an ear infection 😦 , Vet informed me he might always have problems with his skin, but we are hoping he will grow out of it!
  • Walks on a lead like a champ. 🙂
  • Would rather play with a plastic cup than his toys (typical)
  • Since his last visit to the Vet his weight has gone up to 4.9kgs (Last visit he was 2.5kgs) so is growing fast, which I had no doubt about as he loves his food!
  • First Trip to the groomers is happening next week! Could be a total nightmare so wish us all luck! It will be sad saying goodbye to all that cute puppy fur!
  • Sleeps like a fish out of water, flops everywhere. But when he decides he wants to sleep on top of you its the only time he’ll stay in one place.
  • Body slams everything Charlie and Cash have a hard time with him and he just runs and jumps on them.
  • He is a thief, robs everything, Shoes – Gone, Underwear – Gone, Clothes – Gone! If you open a draw that he can reach, he’s in there and has stole whatever he grabs first and runs like the wind! For a little runt like him, he’s bloody fast!
  • Also the big trip to the vet is next month when he turns 6 months! He’s off to get neutered 😦 But it needs to be done, for his sake as well as mine! I’m nervous for the both of us!

MaltichonSassy Ellette Puppy LoveMaltichon

So far he’s doing great! I totally could not imagine life without the little crap bag he’s cuddly and cute and absolutely comical! Am off to London in a few weeks time for a weekend and I hate to leave him 😦 There should be a plane you can get that your puppy can fly in the seat next to you!!!!

Lots of Love,


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