Easter Fun!


Hope you all had a very good Easter and aren’t suffering too much with the Chocolate over load. I have been a bit M.IA as this year my Niece Ava and Sister-in-Law Lou came home to Ireland to spend a few days with us, they arrived on Saturday night so my niece Ava was expecting a killer Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, so much so, as soon as she got out of bed Sunday morning she wanted to go outside and do it, You try telling a 5 year old to wait for Chocolate heaven :/ It’s tough!

So on Sunday we had the said easter egg hunt and I think someone was VERY happy with the results!


On Easter Monday we went to my local towns 1916 Community Parade, If you don’t already know Ireland are celebrating 100 years since the Easter Rising and when we became a Republic, SO that was pretty Epic to have something like that in the town where I live, there is never usually something like that going on so it was lovely to see some life in the place again…. Also on Easter Monday we want to Emo Court for a walk with the Dogs.I love Emo it’s one of my fave places to go for a walk! I have done a post about Emo before so you can check that out here 


Rathangan 1916 Parade



Emo Court

Sassy Ellette Niece Emo Court

Lullymore Heritage Park

Then on Tuesday we went to Lullymore Heritage Park which is basically on the bog, It usually has something going on every Easter as well as Christmas and Halloween and they always go all out for the kids it’s great down there, such a lovely walk around and you get to go on a train ride as well as meet the resident animals in the pet farm and also go around to the Fairy Village to try and spot a fairy! Very Exciting stuff! To top it all off the staff usually get really into the festive stuff and dressing up in a must for them!



Fairy Tower Lullymore

LullymoreLamb LullymoreNew Lamb

Easter at lullymore heritage parkEaster at lullymore heritage park

Well that is my little 2016 Easter Update! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Lots of Love,











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