How to become a better $aver.

Having some trouble saving money? Here are seven tips on how to become a better saver and to build up the cash funds for a rainy day.

If you aren’t very good at putting money by for a rainy day here are some tips to follow that will help you save some moolah!

 – Open a savings account –

Open a savings account ideally where you can’t easily access it, I use a Credit Union I put money in there every week and the only  way I can get money out is if I drive down and get it out in person, which most of the time you can’t be bothered doing.

– Budget –

Easier said than done I know, But I’m sure you can survive not going out every single weekend, Why not have weekends in have drinks at home etc, You be surprised how much you save by not going boozing on a Saturday night.


-Sell unwanted goods –

Have a good clear out and Re-Sell the stuff you aren’t going to use again easy!

-Write a shopping list-

And stick to it!!! If you are going food shopping or just going out for a few bits, write and list and don’t stray away from it!

-Drop the weekly take aways-

I know its so handy to pick up the phone and ring in a take away, but if your are doing this every week thats about €16-€20 a week being spent on a Chinese.


-Skip the coffee shops-

No need to drop into the local Starbucks every days when you’re on the way to work, why not save it for a Friday lunch time treat.

-Discount codes-

Keep an eye out for discount codes, if you are a huge online shopper have a snoop around for codes or join mailing lists as some brands like to send their codes via email! Even if its only 10% off, it’s still something!

Hopefully these few tips will help you with saving a few quid!

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