Doing a good deed is something that can make you feel really good and also the good deed you are doing can make someone else feel good too! So why not put out some postive vibes into the world and spread some joy! Here are five good deeds anyone can do…

Hey Guys!

If lately you are looking for something nice to do and have no idea what, well then look no further here are 5 good deeds that you can do and spread so positive vibes!


1 – Give to the homeless.

If you pass someone on the street that are sitting it cost you nothing to drop a few quid into their hand or to even run into a coffee shop and grab them something warm to drink and a sandwich. It might not be much but it’s something!

2- Help an elderly neighbour.

Everyone leave near to a elderly person why not drop by for a chat or ask them if they need anything from the shop.

3- Volunteer.

If you have a bit of free time why not fill it with something productive and help out around the community or in your city.

4- Buy Cat/Dog food & drop it into your local Animal Shelter.

Especially in winter, I know my local animal shelter always need emergency food, blankets and bits and bobs for the animals around winter, So why not have a clear out of old blankets you don’t need and drop them up, they will ALWAYS come in useful to the animals.

5- Leave money in Parking metre/Vending Machine.

Have you ever drove somewhere and saw that you needed to pay for parking but had no coins for the machine, it’s so annoying! So wouldn’t it be lovely if someone left a quid in the machine for you? Yeah it would be ace! So why don’t you be that person and makes someone day a little easier, why not leave a little note on the machine and ask them to carry on the good deed?

SassyEllette.Good Deeds

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