My Dream List…

Hey Guys!

I know everyone has a bucket list but I have decided to do a dream list, which is kinda like a bucket list but in reality I more than likely won’t be able to fulfil half of these so that makes then just dreams!

1 – Do an extreme sport.

Any extreme sport sky dive, cage dive with sharks so on!


2- Be a published writer.

In print, have something printed that I have wrote would be pretty awesome, to have a hard copy there in front of you!


3 – Make and Sleep in an Igloo.

I might die of the cold so maybe not sleep in there maybe just make one sit in it and drink a cup of tea then go back to my nice cosy log cabin that be amazing!


4 – Be face to face with a gorilla in Rwanda, Africa!

Hike up them mountains and just sit in the wilderness surrounded but Gorilla’s, how amazing would that be!


5 – Go on an Antarctic Cruise.

I always perfect the cold over the heat so this kinda cruise really interests me, You can see Penguins and also Whale watching as well as see some of the Antarctic!!! Seeing Whales, Penguins and Seals where they belong really sounds amazing!!


6 – Sleep under the northen lights.

A few years back I seen that you could sleep in these glass top igloos out in the woods in Finland and sleep under the northern lights every night!! I would love that!!


7 – See all Seven wonders of the world!

Who doesn’t want to see all the seven wonders?


8 – Go on Safari.

To see a Lion or and Elephant out in the wild like that is something that I would remember till the day I die!


9 -Try a sensory deprivation tank.

This a weird one but from what it says online it’s quite cool.


10 – Appear in a TV show or Movie!

Not as a main cast member but just someone in the background would be pretty cool. The dream here would be Greys Anatomy or any movie with Tom Hardy!!!

Lots of Love,



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