Hey Guys!

So today I wanted to share with you my new hobby, I have never been into arts and crafts, I can’t draw and I can’t paint, I was never born with that gift, In school I did Home Ec which involved sewing and stuff but I was never interested in school so I wasn’t really into it, I made a cushion at one stage but when I think back I don’t think I even made it myself, Same when I was doing my Junior Exams I had to do a wood work project and I ended up getting the lads in my class to do it for me! I hated School and didn’t want to be involved in anything in the class, school bored me! ANYWAYS….

My new hobby funny enough involves getting crafty, I have decided to attempt to make some funky Cushions!!! YES YOU HEARD ME! I have a little obsession with Pinterest lately and I have decided instead of just liking the DIY stuff why not try it!!!

So I am going to attempt over the next few weeks to make a….

Penguin Pillow



Fox Pillow


Pretzel Pillow


I will try and keep you up to date on my attempts and will post my pieces of work

Wish me luck!




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