Thinking of getting the puppy you’ve always wanted? Well look no further.. Here are the thing’s you need for your new little fur baby.

Hey Guys!

So if you follow me on any social media you will know that I have a new little puppy called Opie (check out previous posts on him HERE and HEREย ) He is now 16 weeks!!


So if you are thinking about getting a new puppy or you are going getting your first ever puppy here are a few must haves for when you get your fur baby!!

1 – Chew Toys!

If your are getting a pup that is only 8weeks old well them their little teeth are only starting to come down and they cause them a lot of discomfort to prepare for a lot of chewing, He is teething and it hurts like hell, if you have kids you will know all about that or if you had the pleasure of getting wisdom teeth well then you know the pain and discomfort it is having teeth rip through your gums!


2 – Puppy Pads!

Get to the local pet shop and get puppy training pads, the breeder and a lot of people will say newspaper will do because its cheap and easy well truth be told newspaper isn’t the best at soaking up puppies pee, usually the pee just sits on top of the paper and then you have someone walk in it and it can become such a mess and its quite annoying to clean up! Puppy Pads soak up the pee straight away which means no mess and easy clean!


3 – Food!

Don’t forget to get the little fella some puppy nuts,moving to a new home and been taken away from siblings can be stressful on the little guy or girl so you want them to know that you are going to look after them and be their new momma so food is always a good way to make friends, Puppies are greedy so make sure not to let him over indulge in some grub!


5 – Decide where he/she is going to sleep from night 1!

So for the first week or so I had Opie sleeping on my bed in his little bed, which he never stayed it because he wanted to sleep on me most of the time, this was a big mistake because when I moved him into his crate and out of my room it was a nightmare!! He never settled even when I moved the Crete into my room he still wouldntย settle but as soon as he was up on the bed snoozing on my chest he was out like a light! I should of had him in the crete from day 1 and he would of known no different! He now sleeps on a blanket on the end of my bed happy out! I got him to be a cuddle buddy anyways so I can’t complain!


6 – A Lead and harness!

The sooner you get them on a lead the better! If your new puppy is a breed that needs to walked daily well then get training them ASAP, Opie is fine on a lead but because he is so small and we have a huge back garden he runs like a lunatic out there, muck up his eyeballs and then passes out wrecked from 15mins running riot. The weather has been so crap here since I got him, I still haven’t gotten a chance to bring him out and about on his lead besides out to the back yard!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ HURRY UP SUMMER!!!!


7 – ย A good vet!

We have always had dogs in my house so I just planned on bringing Opie to the same vet as Cash and Charlie, But when I did to get Opie his first injections I hated the vet he was so rude and completely missed loads of stuff that was wrong with Opie (He wasn’t very well at the beginning), It was that bad I even wrote a letter of complaint and told them to take me off their system that I wouldn’t be returning!! Now I am with a family owned vet, its ran by two sisters and their dad, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the care Opie is getting there, they are so lovely and if you have any questions or worries you can pick up the phone and call them and they will advise you no problem, its excellent! I love it and Opie doesn’t seem to mind either! So make sure you get a vet YOU like and that YOU feel is going to listen to you because you are your Puppies voice, you are the one that spends 24/7 with the dog you need a vet that is going to listen to you! You know your pet better than anyone!


8 – Insurance!

Always get your puppy insured! Vet bills are expensive and its always good to know you have a back up there if anything serious happens you little guy! You Pay once a year and thats that, its totally worth it!




If you don’t have any don’t bother getting a puppy, simple as! The new puppy is going to pee everywhere, poop everywhere, chew stuff he shouldn’t, pull the house apart, bark, bite, get in under your feet, trip you up, steal stuff, the list go’s on and on ! Its your job to train him and to stop him from doing all these things and all that involves major patiences and chill.


10 – Enjoy!!

Remember to ENJOY this moment of having a brand new little fur baby!! They are gonna be in your life for a good few years just make sure you are 100% sure it is what you want and go for it! I am so happy that I committed and got Opie he makes me laugh every single day without fail he always makes me mad as hell but then he does something cute and I’m laughing again!





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