My Invisalign Story so far…

Hey Guys,

So just a quick post to let you know how I am getting on in my Invisalign journey, I am not finished treatment yet as I still have refinements to get to fix a tooth in the front that just needs an extra little push, But I am officially finished my first lot of alingers, So if you are interested in getting Invisalign or have just started treatment I hope this helps you in some way!


“Invisalign is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry technology. Unlike the more traditional braces or retainers, Invisalign is a virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth. You will be fitted with removable, see-through aligners that have been specifically crafted to fit your teeth.”

I started my Invisalign in June last year, I went to Dental Options in Clane Hospital in Co Kildare, I only went to get the free consultation as I had gotten quoted for train tracks and was told that I would have to wear them for 4 years which didn’t suit me at all because I was 25 and didn’t want to do the whole train tracks thing and the price I was quoted was absolutely out of this world there was no way I could afford it! I originally wanted 6month braces but that dentist told me it wouldn’t work on my teeth, So that was that, dreams of having perfect teeth went out the window.


It was about a year or so after that I realised that I was starting to get a bit of a gap in my two front teeth I hated my teeth enough as it was so getting gap wasn’t going to work for me, it was due to my wisdom teeth that my front teeth were shifting at a rapid pace, So I sat down one afternoon ad that when I found Dental Options and thought I might as well go for the free consultation, I went into that appointment thinking they were going to tell me the same thing as the last dentist, but they didn’t i was told that, I was perfect for Invisalign and that they would be able to do it for me no problem YIPPEEEEE!!! So I skipped out of that room to discuss it with my Mother (you always ask momma for advise) and she said go for it! Turns out Clane Hospital offer payment plans which made the whole thing even better and so I started my journey!


The day I was called and told my braces were there was a great day I couldn’t wait to go get them on and get the ball rolling, I seen Barry that day and he put my attachments on and slipped the brace on and that was it! It was all over in less than an hour, He told me I only had 19 aligners to get through but my front tooth was going to get me trouble and my treatment would take more than 19 aligners, he always give me a few tips, If I am drinking tea, coffee or vodka and red bull THE BRACE STAYS IN, If I am shifting some lad THE BRACE STAYS IN (that made me laugh haha) they only time the brace comes out is if I am chewing something other than that it stays in and change them every two weeks!


Number 1


I didn’t take pictures everytime I changed my brace I took a picture on the first aligner (1) and the the last one (19)

The first couple of weeks were awful, the pain I felt in my mouth was dreadful the Invisalign diet is real 100% I lost a good bit of weight the first month or so in to my treatment, Its because I cut out all snacks and was basically only eating my three meals a day which was usually soup or something soft, I didn’t want to eat either because my face was so sore haha! But as time went on it got better. The pain got too much at one stage I had a mini breakdown and said I didn’t want to do it anymore that I didn’t want to go through it and I was fine with my teeth, that passed pretty quick cause I started to see changes in my teeth so happy days, Its a lot of work, pain and maintenance but it is worth it and it usually takes no longer than 18 months or so, which is ALOT shorter than Train Tracks!!

Number 19

(the last aligner before refinments!)


Everyones story is different, I suffered a lot in the begging with pain but it passed after the first few aligners were changed and now I don’t really feel it anymore, I have gotten so use to it. At the moment in my treatment I am waiting for my refinements to come back so It can fix my front tooth that is still over lapping, My last two braces didn’t fit because of the tooth not moving so I had to go get a retainer made to keep my teeth in the one spot until I get my next batch of braces, So I hope to completely finished in the next couple of months where I will post again.


Retainer until I get my next batch of braces, you can dee the problem tooth sitting pretty 😡


Roll on the day I finish treatment,



If you have any questions don’t be scared to ask I will answer best I can 🙂

Lots of Love,



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