Feeling a bit down in the dumps lately? In this post are ten way’s to cheer yourself up and to get yourself out of this haze of sadness.


Here is 10 ways to cheer yourself up when things got you feeling down in the dumps!

1 – Take a Nap. A nap fixes everything, even if its just a quite 30min power nap, Its nice to just cover yourself with a blanket and doze off for 40 winks.

2 – Go for a walk. Sometimes just getting out and going for a stroll can make you feel refreshed, getting some fresh air to clear your head is great.

3 – Watch a feel good movie.ย Watch your favourite movie or watch a good comedy, grab some nibbles a nice cold drink and chill.

4 – Listen to music. Stick in your headphones and listen to a good playlist.

5 – Read. If you like to sit and get lost in a fictional world why not start a new book or read that book thats been sitting on your bed side table for ages.


6 – Have a pamper session.ย Get a face mask on, get a little TLC.

7 – Go for a drive. If you have a licence and a car well them go for a spin, go somewhere you have ever been explore somewhere new, or just drive.

8 – Write it down. Sometimes it helps to just to write down what has you feel so shit, may it be putting pen to paper or getting the laptop out write it all down and have a little vent.

9 – Hang with friends. Sometimes it helps to have some mates time, go for a coffee, lunch or have night out on the tiles it helps to sometimes dance it out.

10 – Cuddle your pet.ย If you are blessed enough to be a owner for a cute dog or cat well then get some cuddles in with them!


Hope these few little facts help!

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