Top 3 Movies of the week…

Hey Guys!

Here is this weeks top 3 movies I watched that I thought were worth a mention…

Jurassic World

So I quite like the old Jurassic Park movies they are a good movie to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon when you are just chilled out on the sofa, this is no different! Chris Pratt is lovely in it, He’s fit and funny so its all good, on the other side you have Bryce Dallas Howard who plays the parks manager or something but she gets a bit annoying after a while,I think she’s suppose to annoy you a bit but she really bugged me. But other than that its a good lazy day watch especially if you liked the old ones.


A Long Way Down

Even though the story to this movie isn’t really a happy one, its still quite a light hearted witty dark comedy! Its a easy watch, defo stick it on if you want something to watch on s cold evening.



Chris Tucker and Ice Cube a funny film from ’95 I think, Defo worth a look if you like Ice Cube as an actor he’s brilliant!


Lots of love


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