1 – I was born on St Brigid’s Day which is the 1st of February (in the year 1990 which makes me 26)

2 – I have lost count of how many times I have seen McFly, I have seen them every year they toured since they started (missed them twice I think) First time I seen them was back when they supported Busted in Wembley on March 12th 2004! I was 14!


Last seen them (McBusted) in August last year which was amazing! Me and Tom got fairly close haha! Also got to bring my 5 year old Niece to see them, it was her first gig and really special because Matt Willis gave her his bass pick!


3 – I am a HUGE movie fan!! Love the flicks!

4 – I love animals!! I am a massive animal lover I have 3 dogs two family babies Charlie (Jack Russell) and Cash (Rottweiler) and then I became Momma to Baby Opie (Maltichon) a month ago!

5 – I am the youngest of 5 kiddies in my family! I have two older sisters and two older brothers! As well as a lovely Sister-In-Law and Brother-In-Law.

6 – I use to work in Topshop on Oxford Street in London! Where I got to rub shoulders with Kate Moss and Arnold Schwarzenegger! Best Job Ever!!!!!

7 – I’m from a small Village in Co Kildare in Ireland!

8 – My favourite TV shows are Greys Anatomy, New Girl, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Say Yes To The Dress & Friends.


9 – My favourite food would be Pasta or Chinese or Pizza, I basically don’t really have a favourite because all food is my favourite!

10 – I am bit of a big Hip Hop fan. But my taste in music is all over the place I listen to everything!

11 – I am 5’4 and a bit.. That bit is important!!

12 – I am a Harry Potter freeeeeeak!!


13 – I own my own car its a VW polo I have been driving since I was 19 and I have a full licence which I only got last September as I was too lazy to go do my test before then!

14 – I am an Apple fan, I have my iPhone, iPad and a shiny new MacBook Air which is something I have always wanted so I saved and got myself one.

15 – Last Summer I dyed my hair bleach blonde, which was a massive change for me as I have always had really dark hair!! But over my teenage years I had my Red, Purple, Pink etc lots of different colours but for some reason Blonde was the BIG change for me haha!

16 –  I have only every been to one other county bar the UK and the homeland and that was America back in 2014.

17 – I suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks and have done since I was 7, it’s LAME!!

18 – I can’t swim and I have no interest in learning.

19 – I LOVE Halloween, I love to decorate the house and I really get into the Halloween Sprit!!

20 – Sometimes I wish I went to a performing arts school.

21 – I’m not a huge fan of the Sun, I’d rather be too cold than too warm, which means i love winter and love dressing for winter, I hate having to dress for Summer!

22 – I would love a French Bulldog!

23 – I would like to get married and have kids.

24 – I am a One Direction fan, it’s a guilty pleasure! It’s mainly Harry Styles, I think he has a great voice and is very nice too look at!


25 – My Sister and Brother-In-Law said I was like Lydia from Beetlejuice and now its stuck at home because I wear black ALL the time and I like to have a room dark and always have the lights off and curtains closed, The day light hurts my eyes haha!! #Vampire #Bat #LydiaDeetz


Lots Of Love,



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