New Momma worries… a fur baby!

Hey guys!

So if you read my last post you will know that have got a new baby in my life,

A Maltichon puppy named Opie.


Now everyone knows that having a puppy is hard work and takes a lot of commitment, I have done it twice before with Charlie and Cash but I don’t remember ever being this worried about them, following them around making sure they are okay and done pee or poop where they aren’t suppose too, But with Opie I am obsessed!! Maybe because since i got Opie he hasn’t been very well, if you had a puppy before you know that you have to put up with the “Settling in” period which involves a lot of crying, peeing everywhere and pooping everywhere, its a trying time for both you and your new baby, but it’s worth it!


Anyways my worries at the moment with my little bubba, he hasn’t been very well he has had quite an upset tummy which meant he had to go on tablets and special tummy food to help settle it all down, he came off the tablets on Thursday but today I rang the vet and she said he needs to be on them for another 10 days just to help him along 😦 poor little fella, I hope he gets better soon he’s so tiny, he weights the same as a bag of sugar (well 1.5kgs) there is nothing too him, but my god he is one sassy little fella (suits me perfect) he’s cheeky and yappy, playful and full of personality its awesome. He’s awesome!


I just hope he gets over this tummy upset and I can stop worrying about him and he can grow to be a cheekier doggy 🙂


Lots of Love,


2 thoughts on “New Momma worries… a fur baby!

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