Who I wanna see live before I kick the bucket……

Bands/Singers I want to see live before I kick the bucket!

(FYI – Some of these have kicked the bucket before me so I know its not gonna happen)

Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl is god to me!!! They played Marley Park over the summer and there are 2 reasons why i didn’t go…. 1. No one to go with 😦 and 2. Stupid work! and you know what i regret it so fucking much! Foo Fighters are one of my fav bands and have been for a while so this makes me want to cry every time i think of that gig i missed! Hope they come back next summer! All my life is basically my anthem love it!


Slipknot/Stone Sour – Two different bands yes, but the same lead singer Corey Taylor is the man that I wanna go see live, He’s had a pretty kick ass voice and it’s something that I am dying to witness. Listen to Before I Forget by Slipknot and Zzyzx rd or Come What(ever) May by Stone Sour


Blur – Some say they are shite live, but its a band that I have listened to for years and I have to go see for myself!


One Direction – Yes I am 25, i have a soft spot for boybands I do quite enjoy One Directions music and I am absolutely obsessed with Harry Styles voice I think it’s something quite special! I have nothing more to say about this 🙂

giphy-8 200

Queen – A band I grew up with Freddie Mercury has to be one the best front men in history!!! The man was pure entertainer and had an absolute incredible voice!


Johnny Cash – Every Sunday morning in my house growing up I was awoken by Johnny Cash being blasted for the Kitchen no complaints were made as he’s pretty awesome, I named my Rottweiler Cash in honour of the man in black.


Guns N’ Roses – Had another Rottweiler called Axl after Axl Rose haha! Great rock band another band I was totally obsessed with growing up.


Limp Bizkit – I know this is a weird one but I was and still am quite a fan of Limp Bizkit they are on my car playlist haha its a good band to listen to when your angry check out Break Stuff when you’re feeling pissed off.


  • Bon Jovi –  Another rock band that I would absolutely love to see live i have heard they are such an amazing band to see live and I have always loved bon jovi so its defo a band that I dying to see.


There will be more added to this as I have loads more bands I would love to see live!


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