Hey Guys,

Went to the UK at the weekend, went to Newmarket races not to go and loose money on the horse’s but purely to see the boys aka McBusted this is about our 12th or 13th time to see McFly/McBusted so we have been to see them every year they have played bar 2 times and sometimes seen them twice in one year, But this was our first time at Newmarket and OH MY GOD it was fricking epic!!!

We brought my 4 year old niece Ava along to experience her first gig and what a amazing first gig is was, not only did she get to see our favourite band but the daddy’s of the band really made the experience extra special, Tom sang a bit of Shine the light to her, waved, smiled and messed with her which is loved (Tom is her favourite, She loves Buzz you see), thenย Matt shook her hand and gave her his bass pick that he had been using, Me and Lou freaked and were so excited for her it was so awesome!

Here are some pictures I took just too show you how close and how awesome these boys are!! Cant wait to see the boys live again its always an awesome gig!



11899917_10154015006551729_7244629452598773439_nTom hanging out




11899773_10154015423271729_1511262052312806595_nMe, Lou and Ava Rae

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