Shopping wish list….


Today I bring you a fashion post that may or may not make you shed a little tear……I have decided to share with you my dream shopping list, the things that are currently so far out of my price range that I can only dream about buying and pray that one day I win the lotto or become rich and famous OR maybe if I work really hard and don’t buy food for like a month……. Erm hold on…… probz not, I like food too much to do something silly like that!!

Hope this doesn’t bum you out too much! (No Prices are mentioned in this blog post, Just enjoy the clothes ❤ )

Saint Laurent, Geometric Motorcycle Jacket


Saint Laurent, Classic Baby Sac De Jour Bag


Saint Laurent, Classic Babydoll Caban Coat


Saint Laurent, Classic Small Sac De Jour Bag With Studs


Saint Laurent, Classic Paris 105 Escarpin Pump (Leopard Print)


Saint Laurent, Classic Janis 105 Escarpin Chained Pump


Saint Laurent, Classic 83/F Sunglasses 


Saint Laurent, Spencer Officer Peak Front Jacket


Globe Trotter, Trolley Suitcase


Valentino, Rockstud Reversible Leather Tote


Fendi, Diana Ankle Boot


Givenchy, Antigona Bambi Large Coated-Canvas Shopper


Alexander McQueen, Freital Peep-toe Lace Ankle Boot


Saint Laurent, Rider Medium Leather Bucket Bag


Yep, I am OBSESSED with Saint Laurent, Incase you haven’t already figured that out! Here’s to hoping I work hard enough in life to afford Saint Laurent (DREAM BIG)

If you wish to droll over some more Items that you can’t afford (yet) click HERE and HERE 


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