Easter Adventures….

Hey everyone, 


Sorry its been awhile but I have been away over Easter went to London/Essex to visit my family and some friends! It was so nice to have some time away, I forgot how much I really miss living over there it’s defo a home to me now for sure! So the main reason I went over was not just to visit family it was actually because we went to see McBusted on Saturday (the 4th of April) in The O2, London! It was amazing! Such a good night, I have been to see Busted/McFly/McBusted every year they have toured since 2004, Started aged 14 and I am now 25!!!!! So its fair to say that I am a big fan having spent all those years traveling to London (From Ireland) to see those boys play, Even met Gi (Tom’s Wife) at McFly’s Memory Lane tour back in 2013 so you can imagine I was over the moon with that! (she’s so lovely btw & even took a pic with me, which I look awful in)





 But anyways since that tour in 2013 we started buying Merch because we honestly thought that tour was the last McFly tour as it was the greatest hits tour! Then they announce 10 awesome years gig in the Royal Albert Hall we went to that and bought more merch (just in case) THEN McBusted came on stage played 3 songs and it was fucking incredible than few months later McBusted was a full-blown thing!!!! Amazing!!!! I seen them April last year in the O2 and it was mind-blowing and this year at the O2 was even better!! Our seats were right beside the stage, eye level with the band (Dougie’s side, obvs 😉 ) and It was recorded for their Most Excellent Adventure Tour DVD so here’s hoping after nearly 12 years of going to see them live we finally make it on to the DVD!





My 4-year-old niece had the chicken pox 😦 so we couldn’t really go out much so on Good Friday we had an easter egg hunt in the garden and gave her some present’s to cheer her up, She is so funny and a big ball of energy all the time so being stuck inside all the time isn’t something she enjoys, 4 going on 14, she’s great!! Cheeky little munchkin! Also on Monday before I caught my flight home, I ended my pretty chilled weekend with some baby cuddle’s, Something I had been looking forward to since he was born a month before hand haha, Forgot how much I love baby snuggle’s my poor Sissy-In-Law wasn’t getting a look in with cuddling her Nephew he was all mine for a couple of hours, but I did feel bit bad and handed little Bodie over for a few minutes just before we left haha he’s the coolest little buddy!!




This is just a little update post on what I got up to over Easter, I’ll return to normal blogging this week!







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