The Good & The Bad of Adulthood

Do you ever sometimes wish you were a kid again or even a teenager back in school?? I know I do, Now that I’m 25 it sucks having to a grown up and do grown up things but we all have to do it unfortunately but hey fear not as being grown up has it perks! So here is some of the good and bad points of being an Adult!!


– Getting asked for ID actually makes you feel good about yourself *Oh you think I’m 17, thanks love, good genes y’know* It’s always a good feeling whipping out your ID, I hand it over with a beaming smile if i am ever asked now-a-days! But back when you were 18 it was kinda embarrassing getting asked for ID! *OMG I’m 18 like *sigh*


– Getting your own place, yep total bliss having your own floor, own rules and to decorate the way YOU want and have whoever you want over for visits!


– You become more open-minded about life, now remember this doesn’t happen to everyone in some cases people become so settled in their ways they end up going to the same places with the same people, these people are content with that and happy with the way they lead their life, (fair enough, each to their own) but in some other cases you start to see that things change and you start to think about the whole world that’s out there waiting to be explored and you soon realise that those people who are happy with doing the same shit different day kinda thing aren’t worth your time anymore and then you end up moving on and meeting people who are in the same mind-set as you! It’s amazing!


– Your taste in food/drink changes, yep its true there have been a lot of things that I would NEVER even dream of buying, eating or drinking but yet now I have zero fear in trying something new and surprising myself with what I like. Still don’t like peas but hey ho maybe in another 10 years.


– You realise that you don’t need to depend on anyone but yourself! When I told people I was moving to London the first thing they asked me was “YOUR GOING ALONE???” Erm YEAH why not??? It ain’t a big deal! I’ll make friends (and obvs I did, I made friends for life) Your life will be so much better when the only person you depend on is yourself, you don’t have to live with the fear of being let down or the worry about how your actions may affect someone who depends on you. Independent womaaaaaaaannnn!!!



– BILLS BILLS BILLS BILLS everyone has them, everyone hates them, everyone’s gotta pay them!


– Making life decisions, it sucks!!! Being a grown up means you gotta make up your own mind about big decisions and that kinda blows because sometimes it would be nice if your momma could just makes the decisions for you like the good days when you had no responsibility and your folks took care of everything!


– Watching people from your class in school (and younger) get engaged, married, settling down and having babies, when I see things like this I sometimes think holy hell she/he’s too young!! Before I turned 25 I did have a month or so where I panicked and was like SHIT I need a man, a wedding, buy a house,have a baby!!!!! OMG I am turning 25, that’s so old!!!!! But then I soon snapped outa that (Thank the lord) when I came back home to Ireland and had a moment where I was like what the foooooook was going on in my mind that last thing I wanna do at 25 is all that business!! Another 10 years, yeah that would be ace! But moving back to the UK is my priority right now (Shouldn’t of left D’OH) BUT no worries this will pass for you too!


– You will spend your early twenties still trying to figure out who you really are and what you want to do with the rest of your life and that will carry on into your mid twenties I’m sorry to say and I think it will carry on into your late twenties also, because lets face it no one has their shit together at aged 20! Maybe some people do, but are they REALLY happy with their life?? The answer is HELL NAH MATE!!!


– You will fall in love with a dickhead that will fill your head with crap and you’ll actually believe everything they say, because they have led you into thinking you will be together (lies), Yep we have all done it! It’s not fair, Just don’t change your life for them and don’t do the running because it will end badly for you and you will end up feeling foolish and sad and have a broken heart, it ain’t worth it! There is someone out there that is gonna fill your life with loveliness and mean it!! Good to know innit!


BTW I love GIF’s!!



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