Movies I watch when I feel blue….


Decided to share with you some of my favourite movies to watch when i’m feeling bit blue! Hope you enjoy!

Donnie Darko – Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing in this movie its such a weird movie but so good!



 Hocus Pocus – Halloween Classic! I have watched this movie every halloween for years and it never gets old, its awesome!



The Lost Boys – The first vampire movie I ever seen, Back when I was a kid and was completely fascinated by it which more than likely had a hand in my current fascination with vampire flicks and TV shows now a days, It’s about two brothers who move to a new town in California with their mother and start to make some new friends, the younger brother who makes friends with two local vampire hunters and the older brother makes friends with the local vampires! All leading to a very interesting story.



Back To The Future (Trilogy) – This has to be on the list, back to the future is one of my favourite movies it’s brilliant part 2 being my all time favourite when marty go’s to the future (2015). Such a classic!



This Is The End –  James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Jay Baruchel has to be the funniest movie to come out in a long time I have seen it too many times to count, Its a brilliant laugh out loud movie! SPOILER ALERT The Exorcism of Jonah Hill is hilarious!



Juno – My go to sick movie, Always put this on when i’m poorly just cause the writing in it is so witty and funny!



Ferris Bueller’s day off – No surprise! Here is my all time favourite bit…


Footloose – Another classic!


I could be here all night writing what movies are my favourites, I have soooo many!

Let me know some of your favourite movies ❤



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