Top 5: Every girl must have…..

So I decided to share what my top 5 wardrobe staples every girl should have in her wardrobe are….

1. A Leather Jacket – A leather jacket is timeless it will never go out of style and is always on trend, you can get them in many shapes, styles and colours but having one is a must and its a good investment!






2.  A LBD (A little black dress) -Yep an obvious one but hey you cant go wrong with a black dress it can suit any occasion and is easy to add accessories too, I personally have more then one but thats just me.

oh-my-love-london_womens_fashion_dresses_black-peter-pan-collar-dress_oml2909_3Love this Oh My Love dress ❤

3. Flat Chelsea boots – I think every female needs some shape or form of a chelsea boot in their wardrobe, they make any outfit look a little bit more smarter. I am obsessed with boots so I have quite a few pair. #shoeaholic


Click HERE to see more options

4. Heeled ankle boots – A massive obsession of mine!! With a heeled ankle boot you can dress an outfit up or dress an outfit down, you can wear them with a dress, you can wear them with skinny jeans or leggings basically like a flat chelsea boot, they go with any typeof outfit! Guarantee!!!


I have a pair just like these they are so comfy but HERE is these very ones

5. Blazers – Everyone needs a blazer, noooooo excuses! Blazers are NOT boring no way, blazers are classic and not just for an office or a business suit! They can be very feminine when worn right! I love wearing a blazer with skinny jeans, converse and a old band tee! Very Edgy!


So elegant check out some HERE

 This post ended up turning into a shopping wish list for myself oops!!! But if you have any wardrobe staples that you think i need in my life let me know!

The Sites I been window shopping on are ASOS, Oh My Love, Urban Outfitters and Boohoo.

Happy Shopping!!


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