Get To Know Me Part 1……


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend! So I’m gonna try do “get to know me better” blog posts over the coming weeks, just because it’s fun! So here is…

12 Things I currently can’t live without…..

1. My iPhone – Yes I know, not much of a shocker but I seriously always have it in my hand it’s an addiction.


2. My iPad Air – Yep another Apple product, I love all things apple its just the best! I use my iPad everyday for reading (love iBooks), browsing the web and also for watching TV shows and movies online or on Netflix. Its just so handy.


3. Bourjois black Kohl Eyeliner – It HAS to be this brand, because its the best! Since I started wearing make-up many moons ago as a young moody teenager who was branded a “Rocker Chick” back in the day, I always wore black eyeliner and it’s just something I haven’t grown out of, I cant go anywhere without eyeliner on! Guess now I have just grown into a moody 25 year old rocker chick.


4. My Topshop denim fleece jacket – Bought this last year when I started working in Topshop on Oxford Street and it’s just something that I absolutely wear all the time its too cosy. Click here to see one kinda the same.


5. My Grey and Black snug scarf from Italy – My wonderful Momma bought me this when she was away on holiday and I am obsessed with scarfs (I got it from my momma she loves a good scarf too)


6.My leather brown cross body bag – Think I bought this in Shoreditch just before going across London to Wembley to see McFly, the bag I had with me the strap snapped and I was desperate so ended up seeing this and got it for £20 I think. Bargain!


7. Music – My iPod, Spotify, Music Channel’s, Radio, You tube, Gigs, Yep another thing I defo cant live without is music, may it be sticking my headphones on and just laying down and chilling out or going to a gig, every year (they toured, bar one) I go see McFly (McBusted now) and have been doing that since the age of 13 so I know I have at least 1 gig coming up in a year no matter what! Bring on April 4th I see the boys again rocking the O2 in London! Click here to see my latest playlist post.


8. My Family – Obvs! They aren’t “things” but I cant live without them!


9. Raphael (The Ninja Turtle) Aka My Green VW Polo – Yep my first car was also Green and was named Michangelo So when I got my new car and was also green it had to be a Ninja Turtle too… Everyone names their cars right?


10. My Dogs – Also not “things” but I love my babies Cash and Charlie. One is very sloppy and the other is happy but I wouldn’t change them, I would love more dogs A beagle and a French Bulldog are two that I would love!!



11. Photo’s – Something I have always loved is taking pictures and having pictures, they are memories and I love looking through photographs. Visit My Instagram to see what I love taking pics of.


12. My Notebook –  I have always had a notebook, lately my notebook is full of ideas for different blog post ideas (no juicy secrets, soz) and other little nicknacks and usually lists, I love a good list, I write lists for everything even if I am packing to go away somewhere I will write a list of what clothes I want to bring and what other bits and pieces I need to bring! Weird I know, I just really like lists. So my notebook is always handy to have close to me!


Is there anything you can’t live without? Tweet me or comment below.


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