Must have hair products…..

Five of my must have hair products…

Bleach London Reincarnation Mask – £6/€7.99. If you have dyed hair this is the perfect hair mask to help bring your hair back to life and make silky smooth, I sometimes use this as a conditioner too and my hair always feels amazing afterwards. Bleach London has been my go to hair products for the past couple of years it’s brilliant!

Bleach London Everyday Dry Shampoo – £6/€7.99 Best dry shampoo on the shelf hands down, leaves no white powder hair, no over powering smell.

V05 Heat Protect Styling Spray – €4.99. Everyone should use a heat protection I think they usually smell great, usually give a shine but let’s be honest I dunno how much they protect you from heat but I have no complains this is a really light product and doesn’t weigh my hair down.

Aussie Miracle Beach Waves – €6.49. Great to give your hair some texture for the just been to the beach look another texture spray I use is Bleach London’s swamp spritz it’s also great value at £6.

Bleach London Split Fix Serum – Great if you are having a frizzy day or if you have a high ponytail     or bun and have some flyaway hairs it’s handy to have to keep your hair looking slick.



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