Current Fashion Icon…..

Hey again..

So with the weekend that’s in it I thought I would share my current fashion hero and no this has nothing to do with it being Valentine’s Day OBVIOUSLY so The day that I’m talking about is Fifty Shades of Grey release day waaaahoooo, now to be honest I have been up and down whether to be excited about seeing this movie but right now, in this moment of time I am actually really really excited to finally see it, I’m obviously a fan of the books so why wouldn’t I be kinda hyped up to see how it all comes to life on-screen and hey if it’s shit I get to drool over a naked Jamie Dornan for an hour and a half, Winning!! (Sorry Jamie’s Wife) anyways moving on..

So since the promo has started for the movie I have started to notice that I’m kinda in love with Dakota Johnson’s style, I mean her dress sense is kinda incredible, 100% right up my street, So over the last couple of weeks I have started pulling pictures of my favourite outfits she has been seen wearing on red carpets, etc..
The girl hasn’t put a step wrong over these last couple of weeks whoever her stylist is (if she has one) needs a fist bump because they are doing something right..

So here’s just few faves….

image image image

At Fifty Shades of Grey Premiere in Berlin and London wearing Dior and St Laurent!!

image image image

On Jimmy Fallon & Fifty Shades screening in NYC wearing Balenciaga!!

image image

Golden Globes wearing Chanel Couture and In Glamour Magazine in Donna Karan Top & Pants & St Laurent Hat.


Have no idea where these jeans are from but I’m OBSESSED love them!!!


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