Favourite online stores…..

My favourite online shops!!

ASOS – Eh obvs, it is so easy to run up a pretty big bill with ASOS as they have pretty much everything you could want from designer gear to some serious bargains, they have an app which makes it all to easy!! Love it!


BOOHOO – Is my bargain online store everything here is pretty cheap, great quality and I have no doubt that you will come away with at least one item from this site!


ETSY – Perfect if you are a unique shopper and love something different, You will honestly get lost on this site for hours looking at everything and usually end up finding something really great!


LONDON LOVES LA – London loves LA is possibly my all time fave place to get my hands on some vintage picks, the girls the run it are sisters and are brilliant, they have their own brand also in their online store which I am also a huge fan of, I have quite a few L<3LA pieces.


OH MY LOVE – Another place where you can get some awesome, edgy and unique clothes, prices are amazing and you get some great bargains, I bloody love a bargain in case you haven’t already guessed that!!



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