As I’m turning 25 on Sunday (Feb 1st) I had a idea on to write a blog post about what I have learned in my early twenties and what advice I would give anyone that’s coming into their twenties or that’s already hit the 20… If I could go back and turn 20 again I would in a heartbeat because there are so many things I would do differently..

1. Make sure you get yourself a good job, if your in college make sure you at least get a weekend job because let’s face it money is needed nowadays and we can’t always depend on mum and dad, having a job gives you so much independence..

2. Get a car, when you learn to drive is bloody fantastic I was 20 when I got my licence & first car, it was brilliant, freedom to drive where you want when you want it’s great.

3. Have a friend clear out, what’s the point in hanging on to “friends” that you don’t see or talk too anymore and they just become a Facebook friend and you really don’t need them, having a handful of close friends is more than enough!

4. Don’t let anyone put you down, in work, college or at home don’t let anyone talk down to you or tell you that you will never get anywhere in life because let’s face it you could be the strongest person in the world and as soon as someone says you can’t do something straight away you do feel a tiny bit of doubt about yourself DON’T LISTEN to that shit.. It’s your life and if your happy f**k what other people say!

5. Travel!!! Make sure you see some of the world I’m not talking about Australia (well yeah I am) but start off smaller see bit of Europe build your way up to the bigger places if your feeling scared, make sure you actually travel!!!!! My pet hate is when people emigrate it does not mean that you are traveling it means you have just moved to a different place, traveling means to save all the cash you possibly can, slap on a backpack and travel different places, never stay more than a week in one place, sleep in random places, meet different people, make proper traveling memories!! I bet half the people that are “traveling” Australia have never actually been to Ayers Rock…

6. Emigrate, may it only be for a year or so make sure you try living in a different country, it’ll be a game changer in your life you will start to see thing’s a lot differently and you views on many things will change. But all in a good way.

7. Go to as many gigs as you can, if you are a music lover then why not spend your cash on a band you really wanna see? This is obviously something you can do forever but there are a lot of bands and singers around nowadays that won’t be around much longer so might as well go enjoy some tunes.

8. Move out, move out of your parents house!! It’s amazing! It’s freedom! It’s your own space to chill out and do whatever the frick you want!!!

9. Be Grateful, always be thankful for what you got, I know you sit and complain everyone dose but just make sure you always appreciate what you have because some people never make it to 25.

10. HAVE FUN!! Your early twenties is basically that time of your life where you don’t want responsibilities but you have to grow up but be a grown up that has fun, live your life to the max in your wary twenties so that when your in your later years and have babies and grand babies that you have some awesome stories to tell them!!!


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